Eat More Oysters


😷 ICYMI, the latest public health recommendation for seven Bay Area counties (including San Francisco), advises vaccinated people to again wear masks indoors, including restaurants. SF Chronicle

And we were just about to stash our mask collection in a shoebox too…

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Let’s eat!

3 Simple Rules for Eating Seafood: Skip the first two rules and just eat more oysters. Paul Greenberg on Medium

Related: We like ours with pickled ginger granita. Edible SF

How Many Chile Powders Does Your Kitchen Need? From cayenne to gochugaru, chile literacy has many rewards. Taste

Related: We have at least ten jars of chili powder, and that’s not counting our cache of shichimi togarashi that we keep tightly sealed in the freezer (where they stay potently fresh, aromatic, and spicy forever–but we use them up before that). You might consider grabbing a pack of Yamatsu Tsujita's seasonal, summer shichimi togarashi from The Japanese Pantry before they’re all gone (hint, hint). We’ve been garnishing our fried eggs with it lately, and wake up everyday craving that magical spice hit.

#Protip: Yet Another Way To Dice An Onion: ATK claims the leapfrog technique trumps all others. Looks easy enough. America’s Test Kitchen

We Love Succotash: But Sohla’s succotash pot pie ups the ante. Food52

What To Feed A Vegetarian At A Barbecue? This carrot burger should do the trick. Anna Jones

The Salad Index: As workers return to offices, they are ordering salads for lunch again. Expedite

When It Comes To Nonalcoholic Beer, It’s Always The Same Old Story: “There's an anecdote about a founder who used to drink and doesn't anymore; there’s an explanation of how Brits, Spaniards, and Germans switch back and forth from alcoholic to nonalcoholic beers while they're out with friends; there’s usually a mention of fewer calories.” Good Drinks

No One Is Cool With Anthony Bourdain’s AI-Faked Voice:


And Sadly, It’s Come To This:

Here’s what we’ve been playing on repeat all week:

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