#51 | Should We All Be Vegan?

💣 Sun-Dried Tomato Flavor Bombs


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Should We All Be Vegan?

In the latest issue: Molly Watson ponders the ethical eater’s culinary dilemma. “First up: the moral question. Great thinkers since Pythagoras have made the case for the ethical purity of an animal-free diet. Whether one thinks it’s straight-up wrong to kill animals for food or not, it is difficult to argue that it’s at least not less wrong not to kill them; advantage, veganism.” Continue reading Should We All Be Vegan.

Have It Your Way, Still: “I have yet to see any data, in the two years since the Impossible Whopper debuted at Burger King that suggests the chain’s animal meat burger sales are on the decline.” Michele Simon on whether vegan meat alternatives really saving animals. Veg News

Since You Asked: Animals Slaughtered for Meat in 2018. Our World Data

  • Chicken: 68 billion (!)

  • Pigs: 1.5 billion

  • Turkey: 656 million

  • Sheep: 573 million

  • Goats: 479 million

  • Cattle: 302 million

Somewhere, Over The Rainbow: Tom Philpott charts the last 15 years of claims made by companies as to when cell-grown meat will hit the market. Hint, don’t hold your breath. Mother Jones

And While We’re At It: vertical farms won’t save us either.


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Hanger Steak With Tomato(es) Salsa

Sun-Dried Tomato Flavor Bombs: Christian Reynoso dips back into the 80’s pantry for some sun-dried tomatoes to juice up his recipe for Hanger Steak with Tomato(es) Salsa. We’ve made this dish three times lately with both hanger and skirt steak, they’re a bit more affordable than the bone-in rib-eyes we’ve been lusting after, and both have that rich, hearty, beefy flavor (similar to a rib-eye). Throw in the spiciness from jalapeños, the salty-savoriness from anchovies, the tart-sweetness from sun-dried tomatoes, and the juiciness from the cherry tomatoes, and you too will be wiping your plate clean.

Meat And Thee:I never thought that I would put the words “vegan” and “barbecue” side-by-side in a sentence.” Latria Grahm, on her mother’s bid to save her life by giving up meat. GravybySouthern Foodways

I Get That Bag On The Regular:They’re kind of like hood drink sommeliers.” Ariana Bindman on SF’s legendary corner store Ziplock cocktails. SFGate

When Leftovers Come Along, You Must Zip It: Ziploc bags are a $1.6 billion industry. Taste

Mixup On Aisle Three: Why Do American Grocery Stores Still Have an Ethnic Aisle? The New York Times

Garlic Breath:Garlic noodles are Bay Area as burritos or Dutch Crunch sandwiches,” Tiffany Carter of Boug Cali, on the ubiquitous Vietnamese-inspired dish. KQED

We’ll Take “Tastes Like” for $100: This SF startup is making cultivated animal protein that looks and tastes like salmon. What is Wild Type? Axios

🎧 August Dinner Jams Playlist: This month’s list starts off with a hauntingly beautiful song from South Asian singer Arooj Aftab, whose new album Vulture Prince, has been in our regular rotation. Also in this month’s playlist, new tunes from LP, Chicano Batman, Chet Faker, Yas, and Nas (with Lauryn Hill), plus a throwback groove with some Jurrasic 5, Erykah Badu, Outkast, The Roots, and more.

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